Rise Up with Better Sleep: Get your SleepScore premium account

As part of the «Rise Up with Better Sleep» program, ABB Switzerland offers its employees the premium account to the sleep app from SleepScore. Download the premium account by following these steps and benefit fully from the 11 weeks program and the Premium Account for a year:

1) Get your SleepScore Premium redemption code on this site after clicking below the button “start” and entering your personal data to verify you identity
2) Once you get your code, visit sleepscore.com/redeem and enter your code
3) After redeeming your code you will be asked to create a login for the SleepScore app or you can login if you are already using the free version
4) Download the SleepScore app and login using the credentials you created in the previous step

Then, you will have unlocked your Premium access to SleepScore!

If you have any question related to the registration, please contact ch-bettersleep@abb.com. You can also find detailed instructions here.